HealthNet Caribbean Limited offers you, our loyal customers, LIFETIME discounts on all our services for a one-time fee of just $50 TT.

Looking for greater discounts?

Medcare Plus is a product of HealthNet Caribbean Limited. It is the only medical card in Trinidad & Tobago which gives real benefits towards your health. It is a three-tiered health benefit card which offers a FREE ANNUAL MEDICAL as well as UNLIMITED Medical and Dental Discounts at HealthNet clinics nationwide.

MedCare Plus can act as your personal healthcare and lifestyle plan. There are no restrictions in purchasing a plan regardless of your age, medical condition or nationality. The hallmark feature of the MY CARD PLAN is the FREE ANNUAL MEDICAL CHECKUP.

Each card holder is entitled to a free annual medical which involves diagnostic tests and medical examination with one of our physicians.

MedCare Plus

No Restrictions. No Refusals.


The FREE ANNUAL MEDICAL CHECK UP allows you a complete “head to toe” medical evaluation so that you can get the facts and better take care of yourself.


MedCare Plus offers members discounts at all HealthNet Caribbean Limited clinics nationwide. Members receive discounts on services such as doctor visits, dental services, ultrasounds, laboratory testing, clinical services as well as dietitian services.

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Contact Us at 285-4636 / 4637


My Senior Card

Age: 50+ years | $365 per year


– Doctors Exam & Consult
– Dental Exam
– Urine Test
– Diabetes (sugar) Test
– Cholesterol Test
– Complete Blood Count


Doctor Visits – UNLIMITED $100.00 VISITS

Dental Routine – 10%

Laboratory Tests – 20%

Ultrasound – 10%

ECG – 20%

Dietitian – 10%

Clinical Services – 20%

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After you've filled out the form, please bring into any HealthNet office along with payment. Processing takes about 7 days and you'll be contacted when your card is ready for collection