Managing occupational health and welfare issues in the workplace means taking steps to promote employees’ well-being and prevent illness and injury. Through an alignment with our sister company South Coast Medical Center we have synergised an expertise like no other in the country.

Our portfolio covers a complete range of services dealing with health management, wellness, worker rehabilitation and medical programs that helps prevents illness and injury.

Our knowledge is powered by our resident Occupational Health Physician, Laboratory Scientists and Occupational Health Technicians enabling us to offer services ranging from Medical Examinations to Health & Medical Surveillance and as far as Worksite Education and Employee Counselling. Indeed our bank of resources and experts in the field will attest to the fact that we are the exclusive provider of the whole spectrum of occupational health services.

These include:

  • Pre-employment medical
  • Fitness & return to duty medicals
  • Respiratory fit medicals
  • Lung function monitoring (Spirometry)
  • On site medical mobile service
  • Annual medicals
  • OGUK-UKOOA (Offshore medicals)
  • Hearing tests (Audiometry)
  • Substance Abuse Testing (Drug & Alcohol)
  • Complete range of medical & diagnostic services

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