Health Net in collaboration with its sister company Lab Medica offers  a full laboratory service, dedicated to providing world-class care. Our Laboratories offers high quality, clinically impactful pathology and laboratory diagnostics services combined with readily available consultation with experienced pathologists and laboratory scientists.

We offer testing for:

¨ Endocrinology & Diabetes

¨ Cardiac Diseases & Lipid Testing

¨ Oncology and Cancer Markers

¨ Rheumatology & Other Auto Immune Disorders

¨ Urology, Nephrology /Kidney  Disease Detection & Management

¨ Gastroenterology & Stool Testing

¨ OB/GYN—Prenatal and Antennal Testing

¨ Fertility and  Hormonal Levels

¨ Allergy and Immunology

¨ HIV , Hepatitis, Dengue, Chick V & other Infectious Diseases

¨ Bacterial, Fungi, Viruses and Parasitic Infections

¨ DNA Paternity Testing

Drug & Alcohol Testing